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5 AC System Sounds You Don’t Want to Hear

Whether you own a central AC system, a heat pump, or a mini-split, you have to be prepared for it to malfunction or decline in its performance over time. An AC system can give off sounds that can alert you to certain dangers, and below are just five of the most troubling.

1. Rattling and Clanking

Parts in the AC may become loose or out of balance, resulting in a rattling and clanking noise, respectively. Sometimes, it’s the electrical wiring that is affected, and other times, it’s a screw or bolt. A rattling sound may also be due to bad motor bearings, and if this issue worsens, it may produce even more banging noises.

2. Grinding

When the blower fan belt breaks, it normally emits a grinding sound. On the other hand, the sound could point to a much more serious issue, one that our team at Clockwork Heating & Air Conditioning feels may necessitate a new AC. The issue is with the compressor: It is worn-out, and its pistons are grinding against each other. Fortunately, we’re available across Athens, GA, to both repair and replace AC systems of all makes and models.

3. Squealing

If your unit squeals upon startup, this is fine. Continual squealing, though, may signify a malfunctioning outdoor fan motor or the indoor blower motor. Another possibility is that the blower motor belts are wearing out.

4. Whistling and Hissing

A continual whistling or hissing during operation can be the sign of a leak in the refrigerant line. A leak in the air ducts may also explain any whistling you hear.

5. Clicking

Prolonged clicking is a problem we want to bring attention to. It could indicate a defective relay or control.

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