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How To Change a Furnace Filter

Wondering How to Change Your Furnace Filter?

Changing a furnace air filter is one of the most important maintenance tasks a homeowner has to do. Luckily, it’s an easy job and should only take about 10 minutes to complete. However, not all furnace maintenance tasks are that simple; for everything else, call up the furnace technicians at Clockwork Heating & Air Conditioning of Athens, and we’ll run through a full furnace tune-up checklist. Here are the five steps you should follow to change your furnace air filter:

1. Turn Off the Furnace

For your safety, you should always turn off the furnace before beginning any kind of maintenance work. Your furnace should have an on-off switch located on the wall next to the unit. Make sure the switch is in the “off” position until you’re done replacing the filter.

2. Locate the Furnace Filter

Once the furnace is safely off, locate the filter. Each furnace is designed differently, so not all filters are located in the same place. If you’re having trouble finding the filter, you can simply check the owner’s manual or look up the model number on the internet. Most filters are located in the ductwork above the furnace or behind the furnace cover in the blower compartment.

3. Take Out the Old Filter

Remove the old air filter by gripping the cardboard frame and gently pulling it out. Most furnace filters are disposable, so you can toss it right into the trash. However, some filters are reusable, and you simply need to wash it off before replacing it.

4. Insert the New Air Filter

Time for the new filter! Filters are designed with a right-side-up designed by an arrow. Make sure the arrow is aligned correctly, then slide the new filter into the slot.

5. Turn the furnace back on

Last step! Once the new filter is securely inside the furnace, switch the furnace back into the “on” position.

Athens Furnace Experts

There you have it: five simple steps to change your furnace air filter! Here at Clockwork Heating & Air Conditioning in Athens, GA, our expert furnace technicians are here to take care of all of your home’s heating and cooling needs. We specialize in maintenance, repair and replacement for your home’s furnace and AC. Call us today to learn more.