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Reasons To Use A Humidifier During Flu Season

It’s Flu Season -Use a Humidifier

The winter season is often thought of as the holiday season. In addition to holiday gatherings and shopping, winter is also generally known as flu season. Along with ensuring that your home remains warm when temperatures drop, your HVAC system may also be key to protecting you from colds, flu, and respiratory irritation. Our professional team at Clockwork Heating & Air Conditioning in Athens, GA, offers the following reasons to make a humidifier your ally in maintaining healthy indoor air quality during flu season.

Stop the Spread of Bacteria and Viruses

Studies suggest that illness-inducing bacteria and viruses are less mobile in humid air. The ideal humidity level to make it more difficult for germs to move through the air in your home is between 41percent and 50 percent.

A humidifier can help you maintain an optimal level of moisture indoors while also helping you breathe easier. If you do happen to come down with a cold or flu, moist air will be much more soothing to your airways and nasal passages.

A Humidifier Can Help You Sleep Better

Rest is imperative to avoiding colds and flu. Your body heals and repairs damaged cells and restores itself when you sleep. A humidifier will replenish the moisture that your HVAC system is likely to remove from the air in your home as it keeps you warm. When the air is at a more comfortable humidity level, you are more likely to experience quality sleep.

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