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Questions First Time HVAC Buyers Should Ask

Choosing and installing an HVAC system may seem like a daunting process for most homeowners. However, it’s important to perform due diligence as the unit will be keeping the home comfortable for many years to come. There are a few questions first time consumers should ask to help them choose the best system to meet their needs.

What Size?

Size matters when it comes to choosing an HVAC system because you want it to adequately heat and cool your entire home. While simply choosing a new system based on the size of the current system may seem like a good idea, it is best to consult a technician to determine the appropriate size to meet the household’s needs. This is especially true if you plan on adding square footage to the home.

Is Forced Air Heating and Cooling the Best Option?

Forced air is a popular option; however, there are alternatives that may be even more efficient. Heat pumps, radiant heat, and ductless systems could all be viable choices depending on the floor plan, local climate, and other factors.

Zone Heating vs. Central

Most homes are built with a central heating and air conditioning system, which circulates hot and cold air throughout the interior of a home through air ducts. Zone heating allows different areas in a building to be maintained at different temperatures. Choosing the best option depends on budget, square footage, and heating requirements.

Is Humidity an Issue?

People who live in climates that are prone to high humidity levels should ask their HVAC technician about installing a humidifier. High humidity may contribute to diminished air quality and dangerous mold growth.

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