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Simple Energy Audit Steps to Improve HVAC Efficiency

Managing expenses for your home can be a time-consuming task. Rising utility costs will tighten a small budget quickly. Addressing energy efficiency is a smart way to meet your financial parameters and keep costs under control. Running your home’s HVAC system is expensive, so it makes sense to keep it operating as efficiently as possible. You may wonder how you can do that and remain comfortable year-round. We’ve got a few suggestions for keeping tabs on your HVAC.

Keep Air Filters Clean

A dirty filter can quickly slow the efficiency of your cooling and heating system. To maintain a constant, comfortable temperature inside your home, replacing your air filter regularly is a must. Add this task to your calendar and make sure you follow through. If you’re unsure about the frequency of replacing air filters, start by checking the filter’s condition every month. Homes without air quality issues may be able to extend filter changes every one to three months. Air quality issues may include pet dander, tobacco smoke, high pollen counts, or dusty climates.

You’ll also want to ensure you’re using the right type of filter for your system. Your manufacturer’s guidelines are the place to go to identify your filter type. Record this information so you can access it when you’re shopping at your local home store. Buying filters in bulk is a good way to reduce expenses. Store them in a dry, easy to reach spot for fast, reliable replacement.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, it’s time to have one installed. If you have one, learn to use it to your advantage. Programming the operation of your HVAC system can reduce unnecessary energy consumption throughout the day. Installing a thermostat you can operate wirelessly is an even better choice.

Inspect Ductwork and Vents

Ductwork should be annually inspected for leaks, tears, and dirt buildup. Vents should be kept clean and unblocked. Blocked vents can force your equipment to work harder to maintain air temperature. Actually seeing into your ductwork may be difficult to accomplish, and hiring a professional may be necessary. A visual inspection from the outside, such as in your attic or basement, may reveal problem areas. However, it isn’t going to tell you much about internal issues.

The experts at Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning offer complete services for HVAC systems in Athens. Our equipment and ductwork maintenance services are the perfect way to ensure your equipment is performing at peak levels.

Request Seasonal Maintenance

Skipping seasonal maintenance responsibilities can actually increase your annual expenses in the long run. Ongoing maintenance is one of the most important steps toward equipment efficiency. With regular use, your HVAC system will naturally begin to break down, develop leaks, and become sluggish. Servicing your HVAC unit is really no different than taking care of your car according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Hiring a knowledgeable technician to conduct an HVAC tune-up has benefits. A tuned HVAC system can more easily maintain energy efficiency. The maintenance process includes cleaning away dirt and debris on coils and parts and calibrating components for optimal operation. Your technician will also complete a safety test and identify faulty wiring and worn parts. A professional can spot signs of impending leaks and other issues a homeowner will likely overlook.

Schedule a Whole-Home Energy Audit

An HVAC system is just one component of an energy-efficient home. Once you understand how it fits into your overall efficiency plan, you can address its operation in more detail. A home energy audit can reveal whether your equipment is heating and cooling efficiently. An audit can also pinpoint where insulation can be installed to help minimize energy loss.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

When your equipment is more than 10 years old, a replacement system is worth considering. Manufacturers are building levels of efficiency into their HVAC products that were unheard of 10 years ago. If you choose a system identified as Energy Star certified, you’ll be getting an automatic boost in energy efficiency.

Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning offer complete indoor comfort systems for property owners in Athens. We provide around-the-clock emergency repair services. You can count on our skills for repairs, maintenance, and new equipment installations and system replacements. We also have design-build services for homeowners who are remodeling or building new construction. Call us today to learn more about improving your home’s heating and cooling equipment.