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The 4 Steps to a Great Clean and Check!
Ever wonder what REALLY goes on during a regular clean and check of your system? Here are four great points to a great clean and check!
Visual Inspection-
Perception is everything, right? Trained HVAC Technicians know the visual signs of trouble. There are many things that we’re looking for when we first look around. Here are a few visual inspection points we make:

1. Rust or Corrosion-

2. Dirt Build-up in cabinets and blower housing

3. Leaky, broken or uninsulated ductwork

Though these are not necessarily the only things we can find during a visual inspection, they are the most common. We have a saying here at Clockwork Heating & Air, “If it doesn’t look right, it’s not right.”

The “Clean & Clear”-
This is one of the very first things I like to do during a scheduled maintenance visit. Why? I like to make sure that all condensate water can freely drain out of the system and that I don’t have coils effecting my refrigerant levels. A dirty condenser coil can cause the refrigerant levels to be inaccurate. What gets the “Clean & Clear”? Let’s list a few:1. Condenser coil and cabinet

2. Filter changed

3. Condensate Drain cleared

4. Condensate Drain treatment

Continuing to do these four things every spring ensures that you will get longevity and efficiency from your system. Cleanliness is key!

Electrical Inspection-
Electrical inspections can give us deeper insight into what’s going on with your system. If amperages are high or other components are weak, it could be a sign of troubles ahead. After all, the whole point of a routine clean and check is to prevent problems, right? The electrical inspection is broken down into two parts for us. We inspect the components during a “powered down” step and then we inspect the component during a “powered up” step. This ensures that we can check parts thoroughly. The system may start up right now, but do signs point to a breakdown coming?
Checking Refrigerant Levels-
This is the very last step in my process. I personally have a system of operation when I go into a routine clean and check. I purposely do the same thing, the same way every single time. Why? It ensures that I am not only efficient in my work, but that I also take steps that lead to a detailed inspection of a system. I want to make sure that there is nothing effecting the refrigerant levels before I check them. This way I know that I’m getting an accurate reading of the system. Improperly charged systems can reduce efficiency by up to 30%, so it needs to be accurately checked. 
Are you reading over these steps today and saying to yourself 
“Mack, I’ve never noticed any of this done during my visits with my current provider!” 

Maybe it’s time you gave us a call! We set a high standard for service here at Clockwork Heating & Air Conditioning. We technicians train on a constant basis to make sure that we provide you the best service you will ever receive. From learning how to better communicate with you to learning new ways to clean a condenser coil. We work together for a better company and a better customer experience. Until the next post, keep it cool!