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What is Preventative Maintenance?

Do You Need Preventative Maintenance?

At Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning, we recommended that you have your furnace tuned up in the early fall and your air conditioner in the spring. During a tune-up, a technician will perform preventative maintenance on your equipment. Here’s what happens during preventative maintenance and how it helps your HVAC system:

Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance

There are many things the technician will do during their annual visit. First of all, they’ll check the settings on your thermostat and review them with you. The goal is to make sure it is being used as optimally as possible.

The technician will check all electrical connections to make sure nothing is loose or frayed. They will lubricate moving parts, such as the blower motor. They will also check the air filter and replace it if needed.

On your air conditioner, preventative maintenance includes checking and cleaning the condensate drain line. The technician will make sure that the condensate pump is operating correctly. If necessary, the condenser coil will be cleaned. Additionally, the evaporator will be inspected to make sure it has adequate airflow.

Preventative maintenance includes checking system controls and safety circuits to make sure they are operating correctly. A check of all the gas connections, gas valve operation, and gas pressure will be performed. The technician will also inspect the heat exchanger for cracks before cleaning it. Finally, they will make sure the burners are operating at peak efficiency.

Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning in Athens, GA, we offer comprehensive preventative maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment. All of our technicians are NATE certified and can help you with all makes and models of heating and cooling systems.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

The first benefit of annual preventative maintenance is that it will save you money by reducing your energy bills. An HVAC system that is operating at peak efficiency can save you up to 30% on your utility bill.

Preventative maintenance also helps prevent repairs and costly breakdowns. It extends the life of your system and reduces the chances that you will soon have to spend a lot of money on having your heating or cooling unit replaced.

Furthermore, many manufacturers require preventative maintenance for the warranty to be valid. You must present proof of annual maintenance if you submit a claim under warranty.

Ultimately, preventative maintenance increases the comfort of your home. Systems that receive annual maintenance will distribute conditioned air better throughout your interior spaces. It reduces the chances of coming home on a cold winter day to find cold air coming out of your vents. Maintenance also reduces the chances of your HVAC system making strange noises or smells.

Keeping You Safe

Maintenance helps to make your home safer. It sometimes happens that a homeowner goes on vacation only to return to a broken furnace and a frozen home. This can result in frozen and burst pipes, water damage, and more. Repairing this damage is very expensive.

Preventative maintenance helps keep carbon monoxide out of your home. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. At low levels, it can cause headaches and nausea. At high levels, it can cause severe health problems and even lead to death. A maintenance professional will make sure a gas furnace is properly venting gasses outdoors.

Your technician will also make sure that the heat exchanger in your gas furnace isn’t broken or failing. A damaged heat exchanger will cause carbon monoxide to enter the air around your furnace and possibly your living space. If the technician doesn’t see carbon monoxide detectors in your home, they will recommend that you buy and install them on each level of your property.

A maintained HVAC system is better for the environment. It doesn’t consume as much fuel, which reduces your home’s carbon footprint. A technician can also investigate what type of refrigerant is being used in your air conditioner. The EPA is phasing out some types of refrigerants due to their negative impact on the environment.

When talking to you about your thermostat, the technician may bring up getting a programmable or smart thermostat. These can greatly improve your home’s efficiency.

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