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Why Duct Sealing Is Important

Why Duct Sealing Is Important
Homeowners who stay on top of duct maintenance tend to avoid a variety of problems. Ducts allow heated or cooled air to circulate into a home. The material used to make air ducts is commonly sheet metal. A combination of galvanized steel and insulation allows ducts to do their job. So do seals, which prevent air from escaping. The air traveling through the ducts must efficiently reach its destination or else costs rise along with the waste. Duct sealing helps prevent energy losses, and that benefits a homeowner’s budget.

Properly Sealing Ducts Promotes Efficiency

Without effective sealing in place, ducts tend to suffer a tremendous loss of energy. Heated or cooled air ends up escaping through small holes and gaps or loose fittings between the ductwork’s components. Not all of the heated air intended for the living room, bedroom or elsewhere reaches its target. Consequently, the furnace has to work harder to compensate for the loss. Since the air is heated by expensive fuel of some sort, additional energy is wasted. Heating bills spiral upwards when the problems in the ductwork contribute to waste. Duct sealing cuts down on these issues by eliminating gaps, holes and imperfections.

Inviting Dust Into Your Home

Indoor air quality may suffer when duct seals come loose or holes are present in the ductwork. Ducts run throughout the inside walls, and they may be near attics, empty rooms or other neglected areas. These less-traveled locations might accumulate a great deal of dust. The possibility exists that dust could enter into the ducts, get picked up by the circulating air and end up carried throughout the home. When all these dust particles get deposited into a room, those occupying the space might inhale them. Keep a keen eye on your vents, and notice if they are collecting dust.

This illustrates that sealing up the ducts is more than merely a way to keep energy costs down. Correcting imperfections in the ductwork’s integrity also supports better indoor air quality. Even after the ducts receive a proper sealing, it might prove beneficial to have the air quality tested. Mold, carbon monoxide and more could be in a home’s air. Carbon monoxide presents a potentially fatal hazard, and homeowners should not dismiss such threats.

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The Even Distribution of Air

As previously stated, contractors install the air ducts in various strategic locations inside a home. The ducts then carry conditioned air throughout the house and deliver it to multiple rooms. Some of these rooms may benefit from a lack of imperfections in the ducts, while others may contend with holes or gaps. When a homeowner walks through their house, it may seem perplexing that some areas are warmer or colder than others. The uneven distribution could undermine the comfort levels in the home. Perhaps checking the ducts would reveal the answer as to why air isn’t being distributed evenly. Sealing the ducts in areas where leaks exist could contribute to more even airflow and better distribution of conditioned air. At the very least, sealing the ducts would improve heating or cooling efficiency.

Temporary Fixes and Reliability

Temporary fixes and half-measures probably won’t provide a reliable seal. Wrapping duct tape around a breach to secure a leak may seem feasible as a stop-gap, but it doesn’t actually do much good. Other inexpensive fixes exist, but their usefulness is questionable. DIY jobs aren’t always thorough, either. Ultimately, homeowners benefit when skilled and experienced professionals handle these repairs.

HVAC contractors have many tools and methods at their disposal to locate leaks in the duct system. Soon after leaks are found, work can begin to fix the problem. It makes sense to inspect the ducts every year even after the system has been sealed. An ongoing problem could occur from vibrations or the house settling, and the seals might come loose again. Home improvement work can also cause the ductwork to loosen. Even high-quality sealing solutions may degrade over time and suffer from defects. Routine duct cleaning and inspections can reveal these defects at the early stages.

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