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  • review rating 5  The Tech was very punctual and showed up exactly when they said they would. I needed to have a line replaced and the repair was done promptly. The repair looks solid and my AC is up and working again! I will definitely be using clockwork in the future.

    thumb beau wood
  • review rating 5  I am very happy with this company. They have helped me before but today I felt like they went above and beyond. I called in with an emergency (it turned out not to be but I was very concerned about a smell from my AC and water on the unit), they did not have any availability for same day. However after scheduling for the next day, I got a call back that they have moved some things around and they got someone out to my house within 2 hours of calling. They absolutely could have just made me wait but went above and beyond to get someone out same day. I highly recommend this company!

    thumb Sam Foster
  • review rating 5  Jesse D. is the best. The office called to let me know when he would get to my house, and even though it was close to 5:00 on a Monday, he took his time, was relaxed, congenial, and joking---great attitude. The a/c and furnace unit are under the house and he took several pictures and alerted me to a severe plumbing problem that I wouldn't have known about till the shower floor caved in underneath me. I'm super grateful to him for taking the time to look around at the entire crawlspace to check for other issues besides just checking on the a/c. A friend recommended Clockwork Heating & Air to me, and I recommend them to everybody now.

    thumb David Rutland
  • review rating 5  After dealing with problems with two other HVAC repair services, I decided to give Clockwork a try. I'm so glad I did. After learning that my system was incorrectly wired during installation 5 years earlier, the repair was simple. Install the correct Thermostat, and rewire the system. It's amazing how well my system works now. Thank you Mack C, and thank you for your military service.

    thumb Joe Kenworthy
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How Does a Furnace Work

Living in the southeastern United States, we really depend on furnaces to keep warm. Even though our winters are mild, a furnace that does not work can be a huge stressor. Understanding how your furnace works will help you identify any potential malfunctions. While some things are easy to fix, others require an experienced professional to solve. Either way, it’s helpful to know a bit of background.

Basic Furnace Function

The furnace cycle is actually quite simple in its design and execution. Here are the steps of the cycle.

Step 1: Generate heat. This is usually done by burning propane or natural gas in the combustion chamber.

Step 2: Transfer that heat to the air. The generated heat warms an exchanger, which is a vented metal plate through which air flows. A circulating fan draws the air and forces it through the heat exchanger, warming it up.

Step 3: Distribute heated air. As the heated air passes through the heat exchanger, it is then sent into the duct system, and distributed throughout the house.

Step 4: Draw colder air back and start again. While the heated air is being circulated throughout the house, the colder denser air is being drawn down and back to the return duct. This return flows back to the furnace to allow the cycle to continue.

While this is a very simple process, maintaining it can become quite complex depending on the particular furnace.

Primary Furnace Components

It is really the components of the furnace that make it complex. Knowing at least the primary components can help you when talking with a qualified repair profession. Here are the primary parts most furnace systems have.

  • Thermostat
  • Combustion chamber
  • Burner
  • Pilot light
  • Gas valve
  • Circulating fan
  • Exhaust fan
  • Heat exchanger
  • Furnace filters

While anyone can replace furnace filters and thermostat batteries, you need a qualified professional to help when it comes to working on the internal parts of the furnace. The team at Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving the Athens, GA, area for over 35 years. Whether you need help with your furnace, air conditioner, or indoor air quality, we have the expertise to help. Give us a call today.

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How To Change a Furnace Filter

Changing a furnace air filter is one of the most important maintenance tasks a homeowner has to do. Luckily, it’s an easy job and should only take about 10 minutes to complete. However, not all furnace maintenance tasks are that simple; for everything else, call up the furnace technicians at Clockwork Heating & Air Conditioning of Athens, and we’ll run through a full furnace tune-up checklist. Here are the five steps you should follow to change your furnace air filter:

1. Turn Off the Furnace

For your safety, you should always turn off the furnace before beginning any kind of maintenance work. Your furnace should have an on-off switch located on the wall next to the unit. Make sure the switch is in the “off” position until you’re done replacing the filter.

2. Locate the Furnace Filter

Once the furnace is safely off, locate the filter. Each furnace is designed differently, so not all filters are located in the same place. If you’re having trouble finding the filter, you can simply check the owner’s manual or look up the model number on the internet. Most filters are located in the ductwork above the furnace or behind the furnace cover in the blower compartment.

3. Take Out the Old Filter

Remove the old air filter by gripping the cardboard frame and gently pulling it out. Most furnace filters are disposable, so you can toss it right into the trash. However, some filters are reusable, and you simply need to wash it off before replacing it.

4. Insert the New Air Filter

Time for the new filter! Filters are designed with a right-side-up designed by an arrow. Make sure the arrow is aligned correctly, then slide the new filter into the slot.

5. Turn the furnace back on

Last step! Once the new filter is securely inside the furnace, switch the furnace back into the “on” position.

Athens Furnace Experts

There you have it: five simple steps to change your furnace air filter! Here at Clockwork Heating & Air Conditioning in Athens, GA, our expert furnace technicians are here to take care of all of your home’s heating and cooling needs. We specialize in maintenance, repair and replacement for your home’s furnace and AC. Call us today to learn more.

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3 Ways an Air Purifier Can Benefit Your Health

We spend most of our time indoors. Therefore, the air we breathe while at home or at work directly impacts our quality of life and overall health. Your knowledgeable HVAC technicians at Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning can help you to implement effective, affordable solutions to improve your indoor air quality at your house or place of business. Since 1985, we’ve served the Athens, GA, area with customer-focused, courteous service. The following are three ways an air purifier can improve your health.

1. Air Purifiers Trap Allergens

Whether you’re allergic to dust, pollen, or pet dander, air purifiers can make life easier for you by eliminating the particles that trigger your symptoms. Air purifiers utilize a filtration system to trap air contaminants that typically trigger people who suffer from allergies as well as those who have asthma or other respiratory conditions. Installing a whole home air filter will allow your household to breathe easier and experience more restful, rejuvenating sleep while at home.

2. Air Purifiers Keep You Healthier

Adding an air filter to your HVAC system will also reduce pathogens that cause illness. Even if you don’t have allergies or a respiratory ailment, you need to protect yourself against germs during cold and flu season. In addition to blocking dust, air filters trap and remove bacteria, fungus spores, and viruses that would otherwise circulate throughout the air indoors.

3. Air Purifiers Remove Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are potentially harmful gases emitted from many common household products. Although VOCs take the form of gases, they can be emitted from solids and liquids. Paints, building materials, glues, and cleaning products are common sources of VOCs. These unhealthy gases are also emitted from the burning of fuel sources like wood and gas.

To learn more about how an HVAC air filter may improve your indoor air quality, call your local talented technicians at Clockwork Heating & Air Conditioning. In addition to air filters, we install, maintain, and repair all heating and air conditioning equipment.

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Why You Should Invest in a Smart Thermostat

First, don’t think about “buying” a smart thermostat. Instead, you should look at things from an investment perspective. Smart thermostats come with many benefits that old models lack. Once you upgrade to a modern thermostat, you can reap some significant rewards. Hot summers and cold winters make keeping the right temperature a little tricky. Therefore, upgrading to a smart thermostat may be a good solution for you.

Old Systems Aren’t Efficient

A traditional thermostat might get the basic job done by simply raising and lowering temperatures. However, efficiency for traditional thermostats may become questionable. A smart thermostat can help you set desirable temperatures at specific days and times of the week. Doing so improves efficiency, which can take some performance burdens off a furnace’s back. Remember, when a furnace works too hard all the time, it could suffer and create problems. Clockwork Heating & Air Conditioning can help residents of Athens with furnace repairs or upgrades.

Lower Your Monthly Bills

Improved efficiency and a better handle on the interior temperature can lower your monthly heating bills. If you can set the temperature to drop down when you aren’t home, your monthly bills will reflect the decreased usage. Why pay to maintain a temperature that isn’t necessary when no one’s home? One reason is that it takes a while to heat the house after walking through the front doors and turning on the thermostat. A smart thermostat could set the temperature to increase an hour before your arrival, making it possible to walk into a warm home without paying too much to do so.

Smart Thermostats Work Remotely

Not only do smart thermostats come with a remote control, but you can also sync them to a smartphone app. Make adjustments from literally anywhere by tapping on the app. The ability to stay on top of and change temperature settings also helps with keeping costs down.

Clockwork Heating & Air Conditioning began as a startup financed by $1,000 in capital way back in 1985. Today, its a thriving business offering heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services. Place a call today if your thermostat or furnace needs repair or maintenance work.

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Reasons To Use A Humidifier During Flu Season

The winter season is often thought of as the holiday season. In addition to holiday gatherings and shopping, winter is also generally known as flu season. Along with ensuring that your home remains warm when temperatures drop, your HVAC system may also be key to protecting you from colds, flu, and respiratory irritation. Our professional team at Clockwork Heating & Air Conditioning in Athens, GA, offers the following reasons to make a humidifier your ally in maintaining healthy indoor air quality during flu season.

Stop the Spread of Bacteria and Viruses

Studies suggest that illness-inducing bacteria and viruses are less mobile in humid air. The ideal humidity level to make it more difficult for germs to move through the air in your home is between 41percent and 50 percent.

A humidifier can help you maintain an optimal level of moisture indoors while also helping you breathe easier. If you do happen to come down with a cold or flu, moist air will be much more soothing to your airways and nasal passages.

A Humidifier Can Help You Sleep Better

Rest is imperative to avoiding colds and flu. Your body heals and repairs damaged cells and restores itself when you sleep. A humidifier will replenish the moisture that your HVAC system is likely to remove from the air in your home as it keeps you warm. When the air is at a more comfortable humidity level, you are more likely to experience quality sleep.

Proudly Serving Athens and Surrounding Areas

We have been serving households in Athens, GA, and surrounding areas for more than 30 years. In addition to making recommendations and installing humidifiers, we are also available to provide all HVAC services relating to:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Indoor air quality
  • Routine maintenance

Allow us to help you transform your home into a refuge from the cold and flu germs in the outside world. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment with our knowledgeable heating and cooling specialists.

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HVAC Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season, which coincides with the onset of winter, is almost upon us. It is a favorable time to celebrate and spend important moments with family. Since you will likely be spending a great deal of time indoors, it might be time to check in on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system to make sure everything is working properly. Here are some notable HVAC tips to consider this holiday season.

Change the Air Filter

After a long summer and autumn, it is always good to consider changing the furnace filters for your air conditioning equipment. Replacing the dirty furnace filter with a brand new one helps improve the air quality in your house.

Program Your Thermostat

Your furnace thermostat should be fine-tuned and well-programmed to ensure that it creates the right temperature in your house. Since you are expecting to spend most of your time indoors, you should be vigilant about setting the correct temperature. You’ll want to make sure that the thermostat is set to a temperature that keeps everyone comfortable and healthy.

Check the Carbon Detectors

If your house does not have carbon monoxide detectors, this is a good time to consider installing one. Any existing detectors should also be verified to ensure that they still function well. These detectors are important in keeping you and your family at arm’s length from dangerous exposure to odorless and colorless carbon monoxide.

Dust Your Home

The holiday season also happens to be an ideal time to consider doing a thorough cleaning of your house. Doing a comprehensive dusting of every area in your house removes any dust that may have accumulated. It also helps improve the air quality in your house.

Consider an HVAC Inspection

Even after doing everything within your means to prepare your house for the holiday season, you should consider contacting experts to do a comprehensive check of your HVAC system. Our professionals at Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning in Athens will do a thorough fine-tuning of your HVAC system to give you the best indoor experience this holiday season. In addition to our heating and cooling services, we offer indoor air quality services to keep your air clean. Call us today.

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How to Cut Heating Costs This Winter

With cold weather comes the need to heat your home, and that can mean a big monthly bill. Let us consider four strategies the average homeowner can use to cut heating costs this winter.

Schedule a Tune-Up

At Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning in Athens, we offer a full range of heating services. Our seasonal tune-ups can help you avoid nasty surprises when you’re counting on that heat. We can replace dirty air filters, check the ductwork for leaks and examine the furnace for any inefficiencies.

Benefit from a Programmable Thermostat

Avoid running your thermostat at the same temperature all day and night. Your perfect temperature for snuggling up in front of the TV is wasteful while you are asleep or away at work. Programmable — and especially smart — thermostats are the easiest way to adjust your temperatures automatically. The EPA advises that a 7-degree deviation from your norm eight hours a day—such as while you are working—can save you 10 percent, which easily covers the cost of the thermostat over the course of a year.

Limit Natural Ventilation

Windows and doors are the usual suspects when losing heat. Your long-term goal should be to invest in storm windows and doors and to keep those well-maintained. Door socks and even painter’s plastic over windows are an effective way to deal with problem areas in the short-term.

Optimize Your Ceiling Fans

Whenever you heat your home, ceiling fans should be set to operate in a clockwise rotation. Warmed air naturally rises to the ceiling, and this rotation pushes the air down for more even heating. The EPA estimates that forgetting to switch your fans can cause a 10-percent hike in energy costs, on average.

Achieve Energy-Efficient Heating

Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning wants to help you stay warm. We perform heating and cooling installations, repairs and maintenance as well as offer indoor air quality services. Call today with any questions on how to cut heating costs or to schedule an appointment.

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Why Is My Heating System Making a Loud Noise?

It can sometimes be tough to know when your furnace needs repairs or maintenance work. However, in some cases, it will tell you with noise. When furnaces are plagued with disrepairs, loud noises can be a byproduct. If you are noticing noises coming from your unit, do not run the risk of an improperly functioning system. Instead, immediately connect with trusted and licensed HVAC professionals, like those at Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning in Athens, GA. Here is a basic overview of some of the more common noises you might hear out of a furnace.

A Loud Pop When Your Furnace Ignites

This is usually the sign of a dirty burner. When the burner of your furnace is dirty, it can have a tough time igniting. Meanwhile, it is slowly filling up with gas to feed the flame. When the burner does finally ignite, it can cause an explosion slightly larger than intended and create a popping sound. Regular maintenance is a must to keep the burner clean.

Banging While Your Furnace Fires Up

The banging might sound a little bit like thunder. This is often caused when the air ducts begin to expand and contract due to the warm air. Professional HVAC technicians can remedy this problem by sealing off, or insulating, the ducts. Your ducts might also be undersized, and in that case, they may need to be replaced.

Metal Scraping Against Metal

When is this ever a good sound in regard to a piece of mechanical equipment? The sound of metal scraping indicates a serious problem in your furnace, and it’s important to seek professional service right away. Often, this is the sound of a broken burner wheel, which allows your furnace to properly heat your home.

Constant Rattling and Rumbling

More often than not, consistent rattling and rumbling is a sign that something is not completely secured. In the best-case scenario, you will simply need to tighten a few bolts. However, it can sometimes indicate a problem with the furnace’s motor.

Do not stand by and listen to that dreadful noise coming from your furnace. Contact Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning today so that our licensed professionals can take a look. Our team can also help you with heating maintenance and installation, cooling repair, installation, and maintenance, and indoor air quality services.

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Questions First Time HVAC Buyers Should Ask

Choosing and installing an HVAC system may seem like a daunting process for most homeowners. However, it’s important to perform due diligence as the unit will be keeping the home comfortable for many years to come. There are a few questions first time consumers should ask to help them choose the best system to meet their needs.

What Size?

Size matters when it comes to choosing an HVAC system because you want it to adequately heat and cool your entire home. While simply choosing a new system based on the size of the current system may seem like a good idea, it is best to consult a technician to determine the appropriate size to meet the household’s needs. This is especially true if you plan on adding square footage to the home.

Is Forced Air Heating and Cooling the Best Option?

Forced air is a popular option; however, there are alternatives that may be even more efficient. Heat pumps, radiant heat, and ductless systems could all be viable choices depending on the floor plan, local climate, and other factors.

Zone Heating vs. Central

Most homes are built with a central heating and air conditioning system, which circulates hot and cold air throughout the interior of a home through air ducts. Zone heating allows different areas in a building to be maintained at different temperatures. Choosing the best option depends on budget, square footage, and heating requirements.

Is Humidity an Issue?

People who live in climates that are prone to high humidity levels should ask their HVAC technician about installing a humidifier. High humidity may contribute to diminished air quality and dangerous mold growth.

Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning is a trusted provider of HVAC services in Athens, GA, and the surrounding areas. Licensed technicians are available to install, repair, and maintain heating and cooling systems. Contact us today to ask about our Clockwork Club membership, which includes spring and fall routine service calls.

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Indoor Air Quality for Homes with Pets

Pet owners gain pleasure and emotional support from their dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and other animals. Despite the joys of sharing your life with pets, their presence in the home creates cleaning and air quality challenges. Fur can gradually build up in vents and ducts and reduce the performance of your heating and cooling system. Pet dander represents an allergen for many people and causes stuffiness, sneezing, watery eyes, and even rashes.

Weekly Housekeeping Helps

Sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming fur and dander every week from the flooring and furniture helps to reduce particles in the air. Diligent floor cleaning helps to keep material out of the ducts as well. Although regular cleaning improves air quality somewhat, no amount of vacuuming will prevent fur and dander from entering ducts entirely.

Change Filters More Frequently

Furnace filters marketed to pet owners might state that they can last three months, but you might benefit from changing them monthly. This could be especially helpful for air quality if you have multiple pets.

Indoor air quality testing is one of the primary services offered by Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning in Athens, GA. We can audit your air quality to identify the sources of irritants. Our company provides multiple indoor air quality solutions, including installation of fresh air intake or an air purification system. Problems caused by clogged filters include:

  • Extra wear and tear on heating and cooling system
  • Reduced system lifespan
  • Higher utility costs
  • Frozen AC coils

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Loving your pet doesn’t mean that you have to live with reduced indoor air quality. Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning has been in business since 1985. We’re a family-owned company that provides upfront pricing on all services. We can repair or replace furnaces, air conditioners, and filtration equipment as well as install humidification or dehumidification systems. After analyzing the conditions in your home, we’ll propose a custom solution for your indoor comfort challenges. Contact Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning in Athens, GA, for more information today.

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