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Can you do Zoning with Smart Thermostats?

Different areas of your home will normally have varying cooling and heating needs. Your bedroom, kitchen, and living room are distinct zones. Zoning ensures that you have the level of comfort you require at different times of the day. You may want your kitchen warm in the morning, but turn the unit down once you leave the house.

Before you consider buying a smart thermostat, it is important to ensure that the unit is sound. You can consult a technician from Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning in Athens, GA, on which smart thermostat is best fitted for your premises. An efficient system will save you energy bills, improve equipment longevity, and enhance your comfort.

Smart Thermostat Capabilities

A smart thermostat makes adjusting the temperature more convenient. The capabilities of the device are not limited by occasion or location. You can set the program to heat or cool the room at specific times, several days in advance.

The way you use a smart thermostat will depend on your home’s zoning configurations. There are two types of configurations: system-based and sensor-controlled.


A system-based zone has multiple AC units that separately work to regulate temperatures. The different parts of the house can have thermostats to improve temperature control.

It is possible to add a device to each of the zones to ensure that the unit only runs when the house is in use. At those times, when you expect more guests, you can set the program to heat one or more rooms. It is efficient at computing the required changes, and it, therefore, makes more accurate adjustments.

The main drawback of the system-based approach is that you will need a thermostat for each zone. That will be an additional expenditure that may discourage some homeowners.

However, experts consider it to be the most convenient way to implement zoning. You will still have control, whether you are away from the house temporarily or on an extended vacation. The energy savings will offset the expenditure of acquiring and installing smart devices.

Additionally, smart thermostats have unique features that make it easier to change settings remotely. Many versions can link to Alexa or Google for voice activation. You can also access a wide range of apps that suit your preferences.


A sensor-controlled system uses a thermal detector in every zone to determine the temperature. The thermostat will take data from the sensors to regulate the temperature in a room.

However, the thermostat only makes adjustments based on the region when it’s installed. If you use a centralized AC system, it is possible to have a smart device to manage temperatures with efficiency. There are smart sensors that can detect changes up to 200 feet. But most sensors cannot go beyond 10 feet.

It is bound to be ineffective if there are significant variations in dimensions of the room or your heating needs. In such instances, using a smart thermostat will force the AC to heat the zones irregularly. In terms of efficiency and cost-savings, a system-based approach is usually the best choice.

Using the Smart Thermostat Effectively

A smart thermostat works like a regular device but with extra capabilities for configuration and remote activation. The wide range of devices on the market today seek to address the unique needs of consumers.

Most smart devices have recognizable features, such as the ability to learn and connect with other mobile platforms. If your main aim is to cut down the energy consumption, there are many decent devices you can use effectively.

Keep in mind increased convenience can help you reduce energy consumption. The easier it is to change the settings, the more likely you’ll adapt accordingly. Reminders based on your patterns will ensure that you will never forget to adjust the settings.

Regardless of the smart device you opt for, you should ensure it will work with your existing platforms. If the systems are incompatible, you will have to change your software and overhaul your home system. Otherwise, some features will be inaccessible or fail to work altogether.

Get Professional Help

A thermostat can cut down energy bills and improve performance. However, the whole system needs a quality installation. A technician from Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning in Athens, GA, can help you zone your premises using a smart thermostat. We have the expertise and experience necessary to develop an efficient configuration for your thermostat and AC. We can also assess and service your indoor air quality. You can always rely on us for reliable services. We provide everything from AC repair and installation to dehumidifier installation. Visit our website today!