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How to Cut Heating Costs This Winter

Cut Your Heating Costs This Winter

With cold weather comes the need to heat your home, and that can mean a big monthly bill. Let us consider four strategies the average homeowner can use to cut heating costs this winter.

Schedule a Tune-Up

At Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning in Athens, we offer a full range of heating services. Our seasonal tune-ups can help you avoid nasty surprises when you’re counting on that heat. We can replace dirty air filters, check the ductwork for leaks and examine the furnace for any inefficiencies.

Benefit from a Programmable Thermostat

Avoid running your thermostat at the same temperature all day and night. Your perfect temperature for snuggling up in front of the TV is wasteful while you are asleep or away at work. Programmable — and especially smart — thermostats are the easiest way to adjust your temperatures automatically. The EPA advises that a 7-degree deviation from your norm eight hours a day—such as while you are working—can save you 10 percent, which easily covers the cost of the thermostat over the course of a year.

Limit Natural Ventilation

Windows and doors are the usual suspects when losing heat. Your long-term goal should be to invest in storm windows and doors and to keep those well-maintained. Door socks and even painter’s plastic over windows are an effective way to deal with problem areas in the short-term.

Optimize Your Ceiling Fans

Whenever you heat your home, ceiling fans should be set to operate in a clockwise rotation. Warmed air naturally rises to the ceiling, and this rotation pushes the air down for more even heating. The EPA estimates that forgetting to switch your fans can cause a 10-percent hike in energy costs, on average.

Achieve Energy-Efficient Heating

Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning wants to help you stay warm. We perform heating and cooling installations, repairs and maintenance as well as offer indoor air quality services. Call today with any questions on how to cut heating costs or to schedule an appointment.