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Why Is My Heating System Making a Loud Noise?
It can sometimes be tough to know when your furnace needs repairs or maintenance work. However, in some cases, it will tell you with noise. When furnaces are plagued with disrepairs, loud noises can be a byproduct. If you are noticing noises coming from your unit, do not run the risk of an improperly functioning system. Instead, immediately connect with trusted and licensed HVAC professionals, like those at Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning in Athens, GA. Here is a basic overview of some of the more common noises you might hear out of a furnace.

A Loud Pop When Your Furnace Ignites

This is usually the sign of a dirty burner. When the burner of your furnace is dirty, it can have a tough time igniting. Meanwhile, it is slowly filling up with gas to feed the flame. When the burner does finally ignite, it can cause an explosion slightly larger than intended and create a popping sound. Regular maintenance is a must to keep the burner clean.

Banging While Your Furnace Fires Up

The banging might sound a little bit like thunder. This is often caused when the air ducts begin to expand and contract due to the warm air. Professional HVAC technicians can remedy this problem by sealing off, or insulating, the ducts. Your ducts might also be undersized, and in that case, they may need to be replaced.

Metal Scraping Against Metal

When is this ever a good sound in regard to a piece of mechanical equipment? The sound of metal scraping indicates a serious problem in your furnace, and it’s important to seek professional service right away. Often, this is the sound of a broken burner wheel, which allows your furnace to properly heat your home.

Constant Rattling and Rumbling

More often than not, consistent rattling and rumbling is a sign that something is not completely secured. In the best-case scenario, you will simply need to tighten a few bolts. However, it can sometimes indicate a problem with the furnace’s motor.

Do not stand by and listen to that dreadful noise coming from your furnace. Contact Clockwork Heating and Air Conditioning today so that our licensed professionals can take a look. Our team can also help you with heating maintenance and installation, cooling repair, installation, and maintenance, and indoor air quality services.